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Monday Inspiration: Beautiful and Creative Living Rooms

In the 10 years that Fredrick has been a real estate agent in Kampala City, he has seen some of the best, selling  new-construction homes, as well as lower-priced properties. But she’s also seen some of the not-so-best work out there.

“One of the things I’ve seen, even in the  real estate market, is that there is not the attention to detail in craftmanship that you’d expect from new construction,” says Okiror, a broker in Muyenga. “I can’t even tell you what some of my clients have had to deal with. In some cases, they have punch lists that are pages long. As an agent, we’re not trained to know how to
attack that for a client.”

You’re probably asking yourself the same question Okiror has asked himself plenty of times: if a home is newly built, shouldn’t it be perfect?

Before signing any contracts, research the homebuilders you are interested in working with to gauge customer satisfaction. And, don’t be afraid to ask builders questions.

Okiror suggests speaking with past clients to see how satisfied they are with their home and how the painter dealt with any changes or repairs. “That’s going to give you a lot of good insight,” Okiror says. “No process is going to be smooth the entire way. You have to trust and know the builder.”

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